7 Content Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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The world of marketing and advertising has drastically changed over the past decade. Today, the best way to reach potential new clients or customers is often by developing engaging content that resonates with their lifestyle. In this article, we'll share seven content marketing tips for small business owners that will surely help turn prospects into raving fans of your product or service:

1. Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to reach your audience effectively, it is imperative that you develop a content marketing strategy for your small business. A content marketing strategy is the process of building an audience by developing, publishing, sharing and maintaining valuable pieces of information to educate, entertain and/or inspire an audience. Sites such as Hubspot provide useful information as well as guides to develop your content marketing strategy.

2. Solve A Problem Through Your Articles

People search the web looking for answers. If your product/service provides a solution, you should create content addressing the concerns. Write a thorough blog post providing the answer to a common issue your potential clients may encounter. Then encourage them to contact you to obtain more information.

Spend some time writing a catchy headline and be sure to address their concern in the header. “How to” articles tend to perform very well on the web. In fact, "how to" often show up as part of search phrases that people type into their web browsers.

3. Spend Time Doing Keyword Research

The following piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with the tip shared above. Once you have decided on the content you’re going to write, spend some time doing keyword research. What are your potential customers searching on Google and other browsers? You can find out by using Google’s free Keyword Planner, or you can refer to paid services such as MOZ or Keysearch.co.

After you find a keyword that has a significant search volume and low competition, tackle this keyword by writing a detailed article addressing your audience's questions.

4. Write Evergreen Content

While timely content may be useful for a particular season, especially if your product or service ties to a specific holiday or event, one of the most critical content marketing tips for small business owners is to develop evergreen content, or articles that don't require frequent updates. Presumably, you have a limited amount of time that you can devote to creating content. You'll make better use of that time if you write content that will still be relevant several months from now.

5. Add A Call-To-Action (CTA)

There are several terms and acronyms marketers use on a daily basis, but none of these are as significant as CTA or Call-To-Action. As the name implies, a Call-To-Action prompts your visitors to take some action like buying online, downloading an ebook, subscribing to a blog or calling for more information. An effective CTA makes it clear to the user what type of action you want them to take. 

It’s important to create an eye-catching CTA to increase your engagement rate and grow your business.

6. Integrate Your Content With Social Media

While it’s true that content is king in marketing, developing quality content is not enough. You need to promote your articles to reach your audience, and a good way of doing so is to use social media. If you haven’t created any social media accounts yet, spend some time creating and optimizing your small business’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube accounts.

But don’t open accounts randomly. Before doing so, pay attention to where your potential clients are having conversations. If most of your clients are female, you may want to spend some time optimizing your Pinterest account. If, however, your product targets Millennials, you may want to have a presence on Snapchat. Understand and learn your audience, and then decide what the optimal channel is to deliver your message.

7. Reach Out To Influencers

A good way to turn prospects into fans of your product or service is by partnering with an influencer or expert. Why? People look up to them. If an influencer believes in your product and agrees to promote it, you may overcome part of the initial resistance from those who haven’t heard about you yet.

Instagram has proven to be one of the best channels to work with influencers. If it fits with your marketing strategy, a good tactic for small business owners is to allow an influencer to participate in a “take over” and have them run your Instagram account for one day. It’s a win-win situation as they will promote your product/service and you will get additional exposure through them.

We hope these seven content marketing tips for small business owners help you tune up your marketing efforts. As an entrepreneur, you also need to consider other things to ensure the success of your business. Infinity Insurance can help you protect your assets with various insurance options. Call one of our friendly agents at 1-800-INFINITY today or visit infinityauto.com to get a free quote.

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