Van vs Truck – What's Better for Your Business?

Looking for a company vehicle can be a difficult task that involves a variety of questions. How many vehicles are you using? How many employees need to ride in each vehicle? What will the vehicle be used for? Discovering which vehicle will work best for your business can be crucial whether you are starting a new business or looking to upgrade your current one. Work trucks and work vans both have positive and negative aspects to consider before you make a decision. 

Work Trucks


Pick-up trucks are a staple among blue collar workers, and for good reason. These work trucks allow for a greater carrying capacity, especially for large and bulky items, due to the open bed, allowing for extra room. It can also be easier to load and unload a truck due to the forgiving nature of a truck bed. Another benefit is the fact that having your materials stored in the bed outside of the vehicle can greatly reduce noise as you are traveling between locations. You also have the ability to tow a trailer that carries materials that don’t fit in the bed, and you have greater visibility of blind spots while doing so. 

If your intention is to grow your staff and your fleet, trucks have greater longevity, better gas mileage and are easier to drive over difficult terrain. Additionally, trucks have space for multiple passengers, frequently at least two people other than the driver. 


There are some cons to consider before committing to a pick-up truck. The most obvious of which being the lack of security for your business materials. A truck bed is open and leaves objects open to theft or damage. If secured incorrectly, items can fall or slide out of the truck.  

Another negative that comes as a result of the open bed is exposure to the elements. Transporting certain materials in rain or snow can potentially cause damage. If you are operating your business in a location where the weather is unpredictable or severe, it is something to consider. Even direct sunlight can weather tools after extended exposure. Many trucks have optional bed covers, but they can be pricey, and limit the space for materials. 

Cargo Vans


Cargo vans are becoming extremely popular for businesses, and they seem to address many of the cons experienced in trucks. Vans are closed off, and they allow for greater security from both theft and the elements for your tools and materials. They can also offer shelter from the elements if your employees find themselves at an outdoor worksite and the weather becomes difficult.

Vans are also extremely customizable and have space for permanent organization and storage. You also might have the ability to permanently attach certain materials to your van, which can make your employees’ jobs easier.

The side of your van can also be used as free advertising space for your business. If you put your logo and a phone number, even just driving around town may help you generate business. 


Vans generally have a lower carrying capacity and they have a fixed height and length of items that you can move. You also cannot tow anything with a van, so all of your materials need to fit in the cargo space. Unlike work trucks, if your materials are unsecured in the van’s interior cargo space, it can create unwanted rattling. This noise can be uncomfortable for your employees.

Cargo vans are less durable and fuel efficient than trucks. They also have decreased visibility, due to various blind spots and small or missing rear window, and passenger space most work vans only fit two people.  

a delivery driver checking his tablet before making a delivery

Vehicles by Occupation 

Due to landscapers' unique needs, and their hauling of bulky equipment, like lawnmowers, most landscapers would probably benefit most from a pick-up truck and an attached trailer. Landscapers also do a lot of residential driving where increased visibility is crucial to staying safe on the roads.

Contractors who haul a lot of wood or pipes tend to gravitate more towards a pick-up truck. Trucks are also easier to take on trips to the dump. Contractors who do more specialized work and have a variety of tools that would benefit from more organization, or who work with expensive equipment prefer cargo vans.

Plumbers tend to gravitate toward the cargo van because of their need for organization and specialized equipment.  

Delivery Workers: 
When delivering objects, using a van makes sense because vans allow delivery workers have the security of indoor storage, and the ability to organize packages.

Carpet Cleaning: 
Carpet cleaners tend to like using vans because they can attach their materials to the van, and don’t have to remove their pumps at every location.

Those who work in hauling materials from one location to another would benefit most from a pick-up truck due to its hauling capabilities.  

In the truck vs van debate, there are a variety of factors you should consider before you commit. No matter which you choose, however, Infinity Insurance Agency can help protect you and your vehicle with commercial auto insurance. Reach out to an agent at 1-855-478-3705 to learn more today!

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