Install a Home Security Camera System in Six Steps

Home security installation

You've decided you're ready to invest in a home security camera system. After all, peace of mind for your home and family is priceless. According to, homes without security surveillance systems are three times more likely to be robbed. That's why we've made a helpful guide on how you can install a home security camera system. Whether you're looking to save a few dollars or you want more control over your home's surveillance system, this article will help you.


Picking the Right Home Security Camera System

Before we dive into our installation guide, it's essential to know your options when purchasing a home camera security system. The fact is that there are many options on the market. For instance, do you prefer wireless or wired cameras? If you pick wired, you'll need to do more work to drill and install cables, as well as look for a reliable power outlet for connection. If you opt for wireless, keep in mind that you will occasionally need to charge or replace the batteries powering your cameras. Here is an overall roundup of some of the top home camera security systems.


You also have to decide if you want to monitor everything yourself, or if you want to purchase a company monitored home security plan.  Here is a comparison list of the top home security providers.


Again, there are many home camera security system options, too many to cover in one Knowledge Center article. So, we will be going over the general steps involved with installing most wired home camera system.


Installing An Outdoor Home Security Camera

1) Set-up your account in the app

Today's security cameras are often designed to sync up with an app allowing for on the go features and monitoring from a tablet or phone.  If you have an app, plug your camera into a power outlet in the same room as your router, and then look in your cameras instruction manual to find the specific app that you need.  Download and open the app on your phone then follow the in app instruction to finish setting up your account. If your camera has a white motion detector light that starts blinking that may indicate the device is updating.   Wait to unplug your camera from the power outlet until the blinking stops


2) Test different camera views

Unplug your camera and take it outside to test video. Find an exterior outlet and open the live view mode in your app. Use it to check and test different locations as well as video quality. A general rule of thumb is that the closer the camera is to the Wi-Fi router, the better the video quality.


3) Attach a mounting bracket to the wall

Once you decide on the right spot to install the camera, attach the mounting bracket to the wall.

  • When attaching it to siding:
    You will likely want to use mounting blocks when installing into the siding. Siding is designed to float on the side of the house, not get locked into place. Mounting blocks are an excellent option to use as they prevent the siding from getting locked down when mounting.
  • When attaching it to brick or stucco:
    Use a drill bit to make the necessary holes required for mount installation. After you drill the holes, insert the provided wall anchors, which will be ready to receive the screws that attach the mount to the wall.
  • When attaching it to a wood surface:
    You can use installation screws and screw them directly into the wall.
4) Attach the camera to the mount

Once the bracket is attached to the wall, align the holes on the spotlight camera to the four holes on the mounting bracket. Then, push the camera in a downward movement to lock it into place. Insert and tighten the screw on the right side of the camera into place.


5) Arrange cable & cable clips

Use cable clips or twist ties to secure the cable to the wall as desired. Remember to repeat the same drilling/screwing instructions as in step 3, based on the materials of your outdoor surfaces. Also, notice that the screw on the left side of the mounting bracket, can be adjusted to secure the exact camera angle that you want.

6) Plug the cable into a power outlet

Run your cable to the nearest power outlet and wrap up any excess cord you may have.


You're done! Repeat this process if you are installing additional cameras in any other locations around the exterior of your house.


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